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Shooting coach Tom Nordland's "Swish" DVD

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Shooting coach Tom Nordland's "Swish" DVD
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Would you like to become a better Shooter?
Are you looking for a more effective way to coach Shooting?

You're not alone! Shooting is a lost art! Shooting percentages have been declining for over 20 years! Players at all levels miss free throws and open jumpers to lose games! Major NBA stars are embarrassed at the Free Throw Line! three times. International teams can shoot better from outside. Something's not working.

Players don't know what to practice
Coaches often don't know how to coach shooting
Coaching just the "Fundamentals" (how to stand, how to hold the ball, etc.) isn't enough! Shooting coach Tom Nordland's "Swish" DVD and his coaching method offer an answer!

Tom's coaching instruction goes to the Heart of Shooting!
His method reveals how the few great shooters in the game shoot!
"Anyone can learn to do what they do ... and develop an excellent shot," says Tom!
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